Starting in the 1980s Club Car vehicles have a serial number plaque at the lower edge of the dashboard. The serial number convention is 12 characters and indicates the model, the model year and the production week the vehicle was produced.
For example:

Where PH = Precedent I2 Excel, 09 = 2009 Model Year, and 01 = First Production Week

Step by step

  1. Find the serial number of your cart by looking beneath the glove box on the passenger's side dashboard. Club Car has placed its serial number there since 1981.
  2. Look in an alternate location if Step 1 fails. Prior to 1981, Club Car placed the serial number by the batteries underneath the driver's seat.
  3. Read the 12 characters within the serial number. The first six reveal the model type, along with the year and week of production. The final six numbers, usually set apart by a dash, represent your cart's individual identification code.
  4. Identify the cart model by reading the first two letters. The first letter signifies the model, and the second letter the propulsion system. "A" or "Q" stands for an electric cart, and a "G" signifies gas. For example, a serial number beginning with "PQ" means the cart is a Precedent Electric.
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  5. Find the year of your cart by locating the first two numbers. A two-digit combination of "06" means the cart was built in 2006, for example, while a "95" would signify 1995.
  6. Discover the week of production through the fifth and sixth numbers. A "12" would mean your cart was built in the twelfth week of that year.